Africa Licensing

Marketing across Africa for you

We will be licensing all 54 countries. Fees will range by the size of the country.
Sl. No.CountryPopulationSubregion
1Nigeria20,61,39,589Western Africa
2Ethiopia11,49,63,588Eastern Africa
3Egypt10,23,34,404Northern Africa
4DR Congo8,95,61,403Middle Africa
5Tanzania5,97,34,218Eastern Africa
6South Africa5,93,08,690Southern Africa
7Kenya5,37,71,296Eastern Africa
8Uganda4,57,41,007Eastern Africa
9Algeria4,38,51,044Northern Africa
10Sudan4,38,49,260Northern Africa
11Morocco3,69,10,560Northern Africa
12Angola3,28,66,272Middle Africa
13Mozambique3,12,55,435Eastern Africa
14Ghana3,10,72,940Western Africa
15Madagascar2,76,91,018Eastern Africa
16Cameroon2,65,45,863Middle Africa
17Côte d'Ivoire2,63,78,274Western Africa
18Niger2,42,06,644Western Africa
19Burkina Faso2,09,03,273Western Africa
20Mali2,02,50,833Western Africa
21Malawi1,91,29,952Eastern Africa
22Zambia1,83,83,955Eastern Africa
23Senegal1,67,43,927Western Africa
24Chad1,64,25,864Middle Africa
25Somalia1,58,93,222Eastern Africa
26Zimbabwe1,48,62,924Eastern Africa
27Guinea1,31,32,795Western Africa
28Rwanda1,29,52,218Eastern Africa
29Benin1,21,23,200Western Africa
30Burundi1,18,90,784Eastern Africa
31Tunisia1,18,18,619Northern Africa
32South Sudan1,11,93,725Eastern Africa
33Togo82,78,724Western Africa
34Sierra Leone79,76,983Western Africa
35Libya68,71,292Northern Africa
36Congo55,18,087Middle Africa
37Liberia50,57,681Western Africa
38Central African Republic48,29,767Middle Africa
39Mauritania46,49,658Western Africa
40Eritrea35,46,421Eastern Africa
41Namibia25,40,905Southern Africa
42Gambia24,16,668Western Africa
43Botswana23,51,627Southern Africa
44Gabon22,25,734Middle Africa
45Lesotho21,42,249Southern Africa
46Guinea-Bissau19,68,001Western Africa
47Equatorial Guinea14,02,985Middle Africa
48Mauritius12,71,768Eastern Africa
49Eswatini11,60,164Southern Africa
50Djibouti9,88,000Eastern Africa
51Comoros8,69,601Eastern Africa
52Cabo Verde5,55,987Western Africa
53Sao Tome & Principe2,19,159Middle Africa
54Seychelles98,347Eastern Africa

Our team gives you everything you need to be successful.

We will be operating in all 54 countries of Africa. Instead of franchising our brand around the world, we will be marketing our brand by license around the world. 

We will consider accepting gold, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies as a part of our fee payment.

Fees will start at the following amount per country: 

  • $250,000 USD 
  • $500,000 USD 
  • $750,000 USD 
  • $1,000,000 USD

We are only looking for individuals, corporations, banks, pension funds, etc. who want to make $10,000,000 USD to $100,000,000 USD a year. Others need not apply.

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